our story 

Our ‘About Us’ page would like to thank you from the bottom of its heart for visiting – it doesn’t get a lot of attention usually. We’re glad you decided to visit a page that most people rarely stumble upon. Now that you’re here, you might as well stay and see what we have to say. Please? We insist.

Who We Are

We are your favourite, friendly neighbourhood store.

We create and curate stunning designs and print them on all sorts of equally awesome products phone covers and many, many more! Our products are designed specifically to spread happiness, right down to the bottom of your ‘soul’. A recent study by our internal, self-funded (and totally unbiased) research team showed that visiting www.ecellstreet.com makes you so happy – it increases your lifespan by 8.4%.

We are your wildest pop culture dreams come true.

We’re the sock to your Dobby, the ring to your Gollum, the Jarvis to your Iron Man, the people’s elbow to your Rock, the red underwear to your Superman, the Chandler to your Joey, the Luke to your Leia, the Bamm-Bamm to your Pebbles, and we could go on. What we’re trying to say is- without you, there is no us.

We support art.

A wise man once said, “The Earth, without art, is just eh.” Or maybe it was Google. But we totally agree. So we’ve come up with a platform where amazeballs artists from all over the world gather, showcase their artwork, and fill their piggy banks with the royalty earned. If you’re a scribbler, doodler, sketcher, or MS Paint ninja (although we prefer Adobe Illustrator), or know someone who is, all you have to do is email us your designs and we’ll take it from there.

Why we’re called ‘The Ecellstreet Store’

Two reasons. The short answer is that it makes for a great pun on the word ‘sold’, since we ‘sell stuff’. Smart, right? But the longer, deeper answer is that this is something we lurrrve frrom the bottom of our souls. This is our baby. We’re like this bunch of beaming, super proud parents (figuratively) to this living, breathing baby (again, figuratively) we call The Souled Store. Our kid is so perfect that Sharma-ji ka beta actually works with us. True story.

The Team

We’re a bunch of action-figure loving, poor joke cracking, selectively lazy, but largely lovable people. We love what we do, and don’t take ourselves too seriously. We started this company from a small little cupboard, probably the size of your wardrobe. It’s a little bigger now though. But we love every bit of it, from the random post-it wall, to the unnecessary instructions outside the bathroom door, and the random jamming and board game sessions, which you’re always welcome to join!

Niraj Khanchandani
CEO / Founder

sumeet patel
Marketing Director

prasant prajapati
graphics designer

apurva goswami
Customer Support